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VLAR Rescue Stories

Meet Some of Our Rescues



Lady was found on the street, and was being poorly cared for by a pet grooming instructor. The pet grooming instructor would pick her up 3 times a week, give her anesthesia so that she would fall asleep, and teach people how to groom on her in the grooming school. She barely had any hair left when VLAR found her, and she wouldn’t eat. Now she has a full, healthy coat of hair again, eats, cuddles, and is very loving.



Anita was found in Puerto Rico, neglected, living on the streets. The children in the neighborhood that she was living in lit her tail on fire for amusement. VLAR brought her back to Miami after finding her, and her tail is in great condition now.



Scratch was found poisoned on Miami Beach, at 12 weeks old. VLAR picked him up, took him to the vet and saved him. He still doesn’t like to be pet because he is still learning to trust humans again, but he is responsive to treatment and is improving day by day.



This is Tina, one of our rescues. She was found outside on the side of the road with her stillborn puppy. She was injured and left there to die by her previous family. VLAR paid for her to undergo surgery, and now she is thriving. Tina is learning to trust again and is full of love.

Mariah Doing Yoga


Mariah is an 11 year old blind Yorkie. She was left behind by her owners. She still sniffs away, looking for her owners scent to see if by any chance her family will be back to pick her up. Instead, it’s us, VLAR, and now she will spend her life at our wonderful sanctuary, full of: love, food, and compassion. Take a look at this photo of her doing Yoga in her cozy bed!

Mariah Doing Yoga


Francis was found in the middle of the streets in Miami--breathing, but lacking all physical strength. Francis was in a puddle, he could not walk, and he was completely exhausted. He had given up, and had visible signs of abuse and neglect. He is missing one eye, and couldn’t stand on his own when he was first found. VLAR rescued Francis, he received medical attention and is incredibly loving and adorable! Francis will be one of our sanctuary’s family members until he is fully rehabilitated, he's back on his feet now and more cuddly than ever.

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